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I really love what you gals did with this! It really looks great..

1. Name: Shawn Marie
2. Age: 14 years old
3. Location: Greenfield [Milwaukee] WI
4. Favorite MK & A movie: My favortite movie of theres would have to be -New York Minute- I love the way the girls are opposit and how theres so much new humor. I love how they really show how they've grown up.
5. One intersting fact about MK & A: My friend Chelsey knows there brother [so she says] ahh that's the best I got =[
6. How you relate to MK & A: I think I can relate so much to MK in new york minute and in alot of her roles and her as a person becaues shes so carefree and fun. shes so bold and not afraid to be herself. i also wish i was alot more like ashley so together and so girlie. i wish i was more like that.
7. Post at least 4 pictures of yourself:

...in some i have light hair, but after i got my hair colored i took more pictures.. so its currently darl ;-]

so enjoy and post back!! ©

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